Medco Project Management Academy is part of the Project Leader Enhancement Program which consists of technical (hard-skill) and non-technical (soft-skill) modules. This program aims to integrate project management approaches in accordance with the policies outlined in the Medco Project Excellence Process (MPEP). This program is the result of a collaboration between MedcoEnergi and the Medco Learning Centre. This program is based on the premise that as the oil and gas industry is becoming increasingly uncertain, the world of project management is required to adapt and evolve rapidly. In order to remain competitive, Medco EP needs to strengthen the leadership of Project Managers and make them Project Leaders.

The MPMA program is designed not only for in-class training but also for coaching during the program to bring out the potential of participants. To achieve this project leadership goal, we collaborated with several facilitators/speakers not only from internal Medco but also experienced and competent facilitators/speakers from outside Medco who are internationally recognized in their areas of expertise. This program is also expected to be able to direct previous orientations to achieve performance that is more than just numbers but more to the aspect of a synergized team.

MPMA Course



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